About Us

Owned and operated by a fully licensed landscape architect and outdoor enthusiast, Mills Design Group creates for a full array of residential and commercial needs all around the country and the Caribbean. From urban oases to resort retreats, our seamless, natural, enduring environments beautify and captivate. We can originate designs from a blank canvas or accommodate existing spaces or styles. All of which first take into consideration our clients’ needs and ideas. We work side by side as design partners to ensure that the landscapes we create fit the lives of the people experiencing them.

Our Background

Corey Mills

President, Mills Design Group

Licensed Landscape Architect / RLA# 6666831

Registered in the State of Florida

Member ASLA, National and Florida Chapters

Growing up in Florida, the outdoors just becomes a part of one’s life. For Corey, his love of the Sunshine State’s boundless beaches, forests, lakes and estuaries started early on and has followed him ever since. His passion and proclivity earned him Magna Cum Laude distinction with a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Florida in 2000. Specializing in unique, high-end, custom design work throughout Florida and the Caribbean, Corey has garnered an ever-growing collection of elated clients, distinguished partners and one-of-a-kind projects. Today, the outdoors is as big a part of his life as ever—getting out as often as possible with his wife and daughters, and drawing inspiration from the new places to which they travel.

Aaron Emerson

Licensed Landscape Architect / RLA#

Registered in the State of Florida

Aaron brings with him an unparalleled understanding of horticulture and design from both his education and ever-expanding experience. Holding degrees in horticulture business from Mississippi State University and landscape architecture from the University of Kentucky, Aaron set out across the world to put his knowledge to work. His travels brought him to South Korea and the United Arab Emirates to design residential communities; to Savannah, GA and Hilton Head, SC for land management; and eventually, to Orlando, Florida to design the grounds of specialty resorts. His breadth and depth of experience make him a valuable member of the Mills Design Group team.